According to the Last Things I’m Saying the Sexual IQ!

  1. 1 First, tell us what kind of book you're reading!

    1. Novel
    2. Poem
    3. Erudite
    4. I do not remember
  2. 2 So, what was the last kind of movie you were watching?

    1. Action
    2. Fantastic
    3. Comedy
    4. Crime
    5. Horror
  3. 3 How was the last underwear you bought yourself or someone else?

    1. Boxer
    2. Hipster
    3. Brazilian
    4. String
    5. Slip
  4. 4 What about the last bra you bought?

    1. Bralet
    2. Push Up
    3. Ekstra Push Up
  5. 5 What is the last feature people near you said they liked?

    1. physical appereance
    2. Your Courage.
    3. honesty
  6. 6 When was the last time you told the person you loved about her?

    1. Today or yesterday
    2. It's been a long time.
    3. I don't remember.
  7. 7 Let's get a little personal, when was the last time you had sex?

    1. Today
    2. Yesterday
    3. A week ago
    4. a months ago
    5. a year ago
    6. i don't remember
  8. 8 How many points do you give your last sex?

    1. 0-3
    2. 4-6
    3. 7-8
    4. 9-10

According to the Last Things I'm Saying the Sexual IQ!

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  1. Quiz result

    Your sexual IQ's between 110-130!

    Simply great! You have the full taste of your sexuality and you live in your decision. There's not much, there's more! You have analyzed your tastes, thoughts, and everything about yourself very well. You know what you want. The sexuality for you; the path is clear, the way to make a delicious journey!

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  2. Quiz result

    Your sexual IQ is 130 and above!

    You've officially outdone yourself in sex! Because you know exactly what your partner wants, not just yourself. It would not be a lie if we said that both senses and instincts are specialized to understand it. You seem to have a natural talent. It is not possible to get around and not to get under the influence of the energy you radiate. Don't tell me you didn't say you'd melt more hearts than you did. And remember, when you find the right heart, then you will taste the true happiness and the delight to the end!

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  3. Quiz result

    Between your sexual IQ's 80-95!

    From the answers you've given, you don't have a lot of cloth in these combs. We don't think you have an effort for that. After all, there are more important things in life than sexuality, emotions, for example! You are much more than the discovery you will make in a human's heart/brain. Even if you are right at some point, remember: the feelings you will cherish with physical pleasures can be much more intense, much more beautiful!

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