Innovations in the Technology World

1. A revolutionary development took place in VR technology.

VR gloves and visually impaired people will be able to discover art works enriching the world heritage and the next stage by touching many virtual objects.

2. Washington University is preparing to place a place on our teeth for early diagnosis of diseases.

In the long run, it is planned to improve the level of stress and even the risk of diabetes , to inform the user.

3. The biggest question mark on electric vehicles is almost fixed.

According to the idea of Sweden ‘s project to terminate the use of fossil fuels by 2030, the battery of your vehicle is being charged as long as you travel on the roadway.

4. At first glance, we can begin to see robots that are impossible to distinguish from humans.

The robot series called Mesmer doesn’t just look like human; it’s not possible to distinguish movements from a person like a person, just like a person. The Mesmer series will be used in the entertainment industry.

An interesting and somewhat scary feature of the robots is that if you make eye contact , keep them in contact.

5.As skilled as human beings, robotic hands as sensitive as human beings were produced.

The initiative that Elon Musk is among its investors is able to make almost any movement that he will do with the simulations he makes within himself and other movements that are to come after him, and he can make smooth movements like a person.

6. Researchers at Harvard University have developed a solution for living creatures that are almost impossible to capture without damaging the oceans.

After detecting soft organisms such as jellyfish and octopus in the waters where they can be damaged, they aim to catch them without damage and move them to safe waters .

7. We took a step into the new era of Drone technology.

At the University of Tokyo, a drone was developed, like a dragon, that could enter into different shapes while flying. It can grow and shrink with its structure that can enter and exit to different areas, it can also put itself into minimal situations when it is needed, it can carry the objects on this route.

8. The tiredness of the work that is overpowered will end with a utopian invention.

It allows you to move both when you use it in two different positions and to sit when you want . Working life is thought to be the ointment to one of the major needs of the moving sectors This device can be incorporated into our lives at a time with a more suitable development to move.

9.The Turkish scientist Anıl Yüce is also part of the development team and the smart spraying robot will radically change what we know about agriculture.

This robot , which aims to offer the best in agricultural products at everyone’s table with less cost and in the most efficient way , does not risk the naturalness by spraying the parts of an agricultural land that are needed instead of medication.

10. With the use of this device in the treatments on the brain, the risks are now replaced with confidence.

With this VR goggle device placed on the patient’s head, an MRI image of the skull can be taken and 3D modeled and transmitted to the doctor’s computer. For example, where and how a tumor is and how it develops can be clearly seen by the patient.

What is even more exciting is that this method can also be used by doctors to perform brain operations!

11. For those who are allergic to the touch screen, each surface is now a keyboard.

This new device recognizes your finger movements and acts as a virtual mouse and keyboard. It’s a little hard to get used to, but thanks to the Bluetooth connection, almost every device has your keyboard ‘around’.

What do you mean ‘ around ‘, let’s explain. It’s a wearable virtual keyboard, and it’s completely personalized after you define which letters your movements will correspond to.

12. The researchers at the University of Sydney designed ‘adhesive stitches’ to treat any wound in almost 60 seconds.

The liquid injected onto the wound is activated by any UV light source, and the wound closes as if it had never been opened. That is to say, the renewed stitches are repeated after the surgery.

13.An ‘agent fish’ was designed.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) produced a fish. It’s a controllable robot, but it’s more accurate to call him agent fish. Because water is so realistic and unnoticeable to watch the creatures of the sea, the other fish are not even suspicious of it .

14. The helper skeleton, which aims to reduce the average power spent in the works, started to be used.

Exoskeleton, which will eliminate the concept of ‘heavy work’, takes the burden of weights that can be lifted in our work with muscle power.

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