• 2

    Arike Ogunbowale

    Columbus, Ohio – obviously it wound up this way: nothing won effortlessly, no breathing room, nothing was chosen until the latest possible time, and after...

  • 3

    Baikal Lake

    Baikal Lake is as yet the most profound and cleanest pool of Russia’s pride and planet, and 19% of the lake is in this lake....

  • 6

    Internet Meme Stars

    Memes is truly the greatest cultural achievement of the XXI century. But they are the worst. It depends on who you ask. In one way...

  • 7

    Malaysian Artist

    Malaysian Artist Creates Fluffy Cat Art Using Only Short, Fine Lines and Very Darn Cute More Info : instagram Presentation Kamwei Fong is a Malaysian artist...

  • 8

    Girls of Mursi Tribe

    The Mursi clan is an African clan from the confined Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia close to the fringe with Sudan. This delightful, sedanter clan...

  • 9

    Olga Kamenetskaya Unique Babies

    The Kiev-based craftsman Olga Kamenetskaya is extremely well known among child gatherers because of her capacity to make bland infants of every kind imaginable remarkable...

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