Scariest man on the planet’ might fight the ‘Iranian Hulk’ in monstrous MMA debut


One is known as the ‘scariest man on earth’, stands a transcending 6’8 and tips the scales at 320 lbs. Alternate considers himself the ‘Iranian Hulk’, and despite the fact that he’s solitary 6’1, he’s 340 lbs of unadulterated dread. What’s more, in 2019, it’s reputed that both of these men will make their MMA debuts when they confront each other for what might doubtlessly be a monster estimated session.

You may perceive Martyn Ford (otherwise known as the ‘scariest man on earth’), an expert weight lifter, on-screen character, and all around poo your-pants inducer, from his jobs in Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the current year’s Final Score nearby previous WWE star Dave Bautista.

Presently, the impressive figure has focused on MMA, formally affirming a month ago that he’s marked with Poland’s MMA association Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW).

Passage has no past expert battling knowledge, however that doesn’t appear to be an issue for KSW. Much like the previous MMA association Pride, KSW will in general feel that the display and diversion esteem holds the same amount of significance as the battling.

Furthermore, on the off chance that they can arrange this enormous matchup, what a display it will be.The man who may remain on the opposite side of the confine for Ford’s presentation coordinate… none other than Sajad Gharibi. Better referred to his 400,000+ Instagram supporters as the ‘Iranian Hulk’, you may remember him from his job in your bad dreams.

Bodes well. Simply don’t make him irate.Gharibi is an enthusiastic weightlifter, NO SHIT!, a volunteer warrior, and despite the fact that it’s as yet vague if he’s really marked on to battle, he supposedly has some foundation in wrestling, a well known game in Iran. So that could make things more intriguing.

You know, just on the off chance that you locate that 660 lbs of joined weight walloping each other’s appearances in isn’t as of now sufficiently fascinating for ya!

Try not to rest on the ‘scariest man on earth’ however. Passage’s been preparing for his introduction with the previous World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, and he says he’s prepared for any individual who crosses his way, even a shark or a bear. As indicated by him, “I figure I could do both in the meantime really.”

Hendy instructed me to let you know “No you can’t bud!”

Absolutely not my sentiment, that is exactly what Hendy considers. So in the event that you have an issue Martyn, he’s the person to visit.

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